Physical urticaria represents a different sub-category of the urticarias that are provoked by an oxogenous physical stimulus instead of occurring impulsively. In physical urticarias, the skin usually becomes raised and inflamed, especially when stroked, scratched, rubbed, or slapped. The physical urticaria can be classified by thermal, mechanical, and cholinergic sources.

Up to 30% of cases of chronic urticaria have a physical cause. Though it is not a life threatening disease,  it can cause great distress and itchiness. This skin rash does not get transferred from one person to another. Sometimes, it might vanish and, in some cases, it might remain much longer or reappear after a while.

Physical Urticaria Causes

Physical Urticaria can be caused by many factors, but all of these factors are physical triggers. It is usually caused by extreme stress, very tight or rough clothing, wristwatches, sunglasses, highly energetic kissing, extreme weather ( both hot or cold ), or anything that causes stress to the skin or the patient. In most cases, it is just a minor irritation; however, a few cases have also been reported where symptoms were severe enough to impact a patient’s life as a whole

Physical Urticaria Physical Hives

Physical hives are mostly triggered by scratching the skin. It is also referred to as Dermatographism. Physical hives is a term interchangeably used for physical urticaria.