What are Hives?

This article discusses the natural home remedies that can be used by those who are suffering with hives. Hives, otherwise known as urticaria, is a medical condition in which a group of patches and rings erupt all over the body. Sometimes, you may see red blotches, which is due to a chemical called histamine. The histamine is released when you have contact with an allergen. Depending upon the seriousness of the allergic condition, these patches and rings may be different sizes. Read on to learn about various types of hives treatment.

Difficulties of Having Hives

Some people have difficulty swallowing and breathing when suffering from hives. Anxiety level may increase, and this can lead to rapid heartbeat. In addition, some people suffer from dizziness or faintness.

Causes of Hives

Most of the skin diseases occur as a result of heredity.  Other reasons include allergic reactions stemming from insect bites, eggs, berries, nuts, jellyfish, and animal dander, etc. Exposure to extreme weather conditions, wearing tight clothes, and perspiration can also cause hives. Hive treatment is essential in order to find relief for this condition.

Home Remedies for Hives

Following are some home remedies for hives treatment:

  • Find out what is causing the allergy. Once you find the triggering factor, it is easy to treat the allergy.
  • Cool compressions can be applied to the skin, and this helps to avoid the itchy and painful feelings.
  • Calamine lotion can be applied to relieve the itch.
  • Dabbing alkaline solutions, such as milk of magnesia on the affected area provides itch relief.
  • Drinking tea, such as nettle tea, peppermint tea, and chamomile tea may also provide relief.
  • Applying vitamin E oil or aloe vera gel may soothe the affected area.
  • Consuming foods that are rich in vitamin E, Vitamin C, and zinc may help.