If strange, colorful bumps appear on your skin out of nowhere and you feel itching, then you might be suffering from hives. A hives rash is a skin condition marked by red spots on different areas of the skin. Hives rashes can be a source of great distress for the patient. Their color and size varies greatly, as color can be pale or pink, and size can range from pinhead to bumps that are large enough to cover a major portion of the skin.

Skin Rash Hives 

Skin rash hives or hives rash can appear on any part of the body; however, they mostly affect the arms, belly, and back. Usually, these rashes disappear within a few hours after appearing; this type of hives is called acute hives. However, in some cases, these rashes tend to persist longer, and if they remain for more than six weeks and appear more than twice a week, then it is chronic hives.

Hives and Rashes

Though there are diverse types of rashes a person can develop, a hives rash can be characterized by its colorful, itchy, and bumpy nature.

Rash and Hives

Rash and hives have a close relationship. If you are having this problem, you should look for prompt treatment, described at the end of this article.

Hives Itchy Rash

Hives rashes are itchy, and if the person comes in contact with the triggering factor, the itching may worsen and it can be very painful.

Rash or Hives

There are rashes other than hives that can be similar in appearance. However, you can easily identify hives by the triggering factors, causes, and symptoms.

Heat Rash Hives

Heat rash hives occur when the skin is exposed to extremely high temperatures. They can be triggered by heat or even by perspiration. The rash appears as very small wheals, which are usually surrounded by bright red flares.

Hives Rash Treatment

Many people take antihistamines for hives rash treatment; however, they are only for temporary relief, as they do not cure the underlying cause. Instead, you should look for a permanent treatment that treats the skin problem as well as the underlying causes.