Skin Disorders and Cures for Hives

Hives is one of the skin disorders that may get aroused at any time of the year and for any reason. It depends on the element to which your body is allergic. A number of things that many people consider as allergens may include objects that people use or touch in their daily lives, such as some plants, insects, or even pets. Many people believe that hives cure is impossible since there is no absolute medication for hives treatment.

Curing Hives

Protection is considered the best course of action for those who seek a hives cure, and the best solution is avoiding its possible causes. The following tips are essential in order to avoid hives and all its consequences:

  • Do not take the medications your doctor has told you to avoid
  • Avoid aspirin and codeine
  • Reduce your consumption of acidic fruits
  • Avoid alcohol, as it causes the surface blood vessels to dilate
  • Try not to overheat
  • Always cool the infected area with a fan or an ice pack


Natural Hive Cures 

Hives often appear for unknown reasons in a few hours or days; your doctor may recommend antihistamine medicine to reduce the itching and swelling. This applies whether the hives are caused by a virus or by an allergic reaction.

Hives occurrence can be on any area of the skin, and attacks can last a short time (one hour) up to longer periods (one to three days). Sometimes, hives are called nettle rash, wheals, and by the medical term, urticaria. Below, are two of the main possible causes of hives:

  • Reaction to environmental allergens – a local reaction can be caused by irritants, such as nettles, plants, animals (such as cats), latex, and chemicals.
  • If the patient has an allergy to penicillin or amoxicillin, which is in the penicillin family, this can cause allergic reactions.