Knowing Dermographism

Dermographism is a kind of urticaria. It is also called dermatographic urticaria. Some people refer to is as writing on the skin. As the name implies, it is characterized by eruptions and inflammations on the skin when an external object comes in contact with the skin. This makes the skin look as if someone has written something on the skin. Our skin contains cells called mast cells, which protect  it against pathogens acting as a defense system. The membranes surrounding these cells are weak in some people. In such cases, when skin is rubbed or scratched, it will release substances called histamine, which causes swelling of the skin.

Causes for Dermographism

The cause for this urticaria is unknown. Some people  will get this kind of urticaria when the skin is exposed to extreme heat or cold. There are several things that can trigger its occurrence. Tight clothing, watches, rings, glasses, and anything that causes pressure or stress to the skin may  trigger this. Even when the skin gets slapped, scratched, or rubbed, eruptions may occur. 

Since it does not spread from one person to another, and also because the eruptions disappear in time, some people will not undergo treatment for this. However, some patients will have it for life. Though in most cases, it is not life threatening, there are some cases that may be severe enough to become life threatening. Therefore,  proper treatment is necessary.

Cures for Dermographism

Antihistamines can be used to treat patients, which prevent the eruptions from appearing. Acupuncture treatments are also available to treat this condition.  Biodegradable and hypoallergenic soaps are used by many patients to help prevent outbreaks. In addition, patients are advised to avoid bathing in hot water.